The benefits of natural shampoo & things you must know before using It
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Buying Natural Shampoo?
Things You Must Know before Using It
What are the benefits of natural shampoo? Why buy it?  Let’s take a look into it…

So, you’re browsing an organic store and there is a huge section that has natural soap bars and shampoo's. All types of colors, sizes, shapes, designs and fragrances, and the dilemma is not only about which one you should buy, but also whether it is a wise thing switching to handmade shampoos.

There are a lot of shampoo bars on the market that make a thousand claims of being natural with things like honey, milk, oils and what not BUT you must know that everything that glitters is not gold.

And, just because any shampoo claims that it’s natural and healthy, it doesn’t mean it is. So, you need to figure that out first.
Buying Natural Shampoo?
Things You Must Know before Using It
The concern is a genuine one. You certainly shouldn’t pick up just about any shampoo bar that looks good or smells great.

There are a number of things that you must consider before you buy one.

So let’s begin and take a look at the benefits of natural shampoo and things to keep an eye out for when buying it….

All natural shampoos will always look for more eco-friendly alternatives than palm oil.
Look For Nautural Fats
So, natural fats like shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil etc are much preferred ingredients now.

Not only do they have fewer adverse effects on the environment, but are also effective at keeping the skin soft, moisturized and supple.

These fats are easier to obtain ethically, unlike palm oil, and also foster sustainability in agriculture.

So, it is great to use something that is good for your skin as well as for mother earth, which is one of the big benefits of natural shampoo bars.
Any Shampoo Bar With Processed Oil Is Not Organic!
There may be times when you will have to use your discretion about the fine line between 95% and 100%.

Yes, there are always a number of shampoo's that have some percentage of synthetic preservatives, even if 4-5%.

What 100% organic soap can give you, an almost-organic can’t.

So, go for pure!

These synthetic components are used mostly for texture, color and fragrance. But why compromise on this 5% when Vunella Shampoo Bars are 100% natural and offer the best form of cleansing and moisturizing?

As for fragrance, be aware that the purest of bars will never have really strong scents. That is because we use natural colors and essential oils.
Steer Clear Of Palm Oil & It's Derivatives!
The production of this oil, in case you didn’t know, has been the reason for the annihilation of natural habitats, wildlife and ecosystems. The land has been plundered and shorn of its natural resources.

It has directly and indirectly degraded so many wildlife species.

So, steer clear of shampoos that contain palm oil or its derivatives.

There is also an amusing fact about the use of palm oil.  It is not at all essential for making shampoos!

So, it only makes sense to buy the ones that are free from palm oil.
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