Our Story
We not only strive to make the best shampoo in the world but we want to make this planet a better place by going 100% plastic FREE in all our products. We also give a portion of our proceeds to Plastic Oceans (a non-profit organization raising awareness to plastic pollution and cleaning up our oceans)
Hello my name is Sophia and I am the owner of Vunella Beauty. I started Vunella in 2018 creating natural shampoo bars that lasted longer, left my hair healthier, and also came without a plastic bottle/ packaging. Since then, we have expanded our products to include conditioner bars, organic soaps, and hair accessories; all with minimal packaging and no plastic. 

All of our shampoo bars are cruelty free, vegan, and most importantly made right here in the U.S.A. (in Umatilla, Florida). We ship all our products from our warehouse in Tampa, Florida. If there is ever anything I can personally help you with, please email me anytime at sophia@vunella.com.